Low carb mini pancakes

Savory low carb mini pancakes

This recipe is very SIMPLE.  We have been experimenting with low-carb pancakes and have decided they taste best with a bit of salt and yogurt to make them slightly savory.  We have also decided that instead of complicating the recipe by adding many other ingredients, it might just be easier to add preferred sides later on, for taste.  I like eating these mini treats with cottage cheese, plain yogurt with honey or berries, or even with eggs.  These pancakes are a great alternative to traditional high carb breakfast that include bagels, toast or white flour pancakes.

Ingredients (~1-2 servings):


Mix yogurt with egg.  Add a pinch of salt.  Add coconut flour and mix thoroughly, making sure to get rid of the lumps in the batter.  You might want to add more yogurt because you want the consistency to be that of sour cream. Let the pancake batter stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the flour to be absorbed.

Fry pancakes on extra virgin coconut oil on a hot nonstick pan.  You can also use regular olive oil. Use a dessertspoon to carefully place the batter onto the pan.  Carefully flip the pancakes when they have turned a golden color on one side.

End result: Six two inches in diameter, savory, breakfast pancakes.

I find them to be tastiest when hot.