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Russian Beef Tongue – dare to try it

  This dish is obviously on the exotic side so you must be adventurous in your food tastes.  For me, it’s more a matter of habit; I grew up eating beef tongue in Odessa, it was like my chicken nugget if you will. Very fatty, very nutritious, sans the carbs. Ingredients (servings variable): 1 mediumContinue Reading

Walnut crusted pork chops

This is a recipe for crunchy and succulent low carb pork chops.  Using four main ingredients you can make a delicious dinner in less than half an hour. Ingredients (4 servings): 4 thick cut pork chops – trimmed 1 large organic egg 1 Tb flour (ONLY for dusting) 4 oz (120g) dry chopped walnuts (crushContinue Reading

Delicious Pork Butt!

I was having some difficulties categorizing this post.  Does eating at a friend’s count as eating in or as dinning out? Let me clarify that –  it was a dinner party hosted by foodies, which is on par with eating out at a nice restaurant.  This also means running the risk of being exposed toContinue Reading