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Low carb Vegetarian Borscht

This meatless borscht is fast, simple and tastes great.  It has no sugar, potatoes or honey but the beets make it sweet enough.   Ingredients: 4-5 Small Beets (or 2 medium) 1 Medium Carrot ½ Cabbage (sliced or shredded) 1 Onion (diced) 2 Large Tomatoes or 1 can of diced tomatoes 1-2 Kohlrabi (instead of potatoes)Continue Reading

Russian Beef Tongue – dare to try it

  This dish is obviously on the exotic side so you must be adventurous in your food tastes.  For me, it’s more a matter of habit; I grew up eating beef tongue in Odessa, it was like my chicken nugget if you will. Very fatty, very nutritious, sans the carbs. Ingredients (servings variable): 1 mediumContinue Reading

Taverna Kyclades

Every foodie I encounter in NYC seems to be equally obsessed with Kyclades and so I thought it was time for my review, as well.  The Taverna is a great option in Astoria (especially if you haven’t been spoiled in Greece).   Kyclades specializes  in seafood so you can’t go wrong if you order a wholeContinue Reading

Low carb mini pancakes

This recipe is very SIMPLE.  We have been experimenting with low-carb pancakes and have decided they taste best with a bit of salt and yogurt to make them slightly savory.  We have also decided that instead of complicating the recipe by adding many other ingredients, it might just be easier to add preferred sides laterContinue Reading

Felice 64 – Perfect Italian wine bar

For the first time I was inspired to write a review of a restaurant solely based on it’s appetizer. Even at The Lion, it was the burger entrée that got me.  However, Felice 64, the cozy little Italian wine bar on 1st Ave and 64th st, has me completely hooked to their Mozzarella Di Bufala.Continue Reading

Kabab week – Turkish and Pakistani

This week was all about meat platters.  I sampled Middle Eastern and Pakistani specialties. First stop, midweek, was a Turkish restaurant – ABA, in Midtown West.  With authentic decor, comfortable chairs and atmosphere, and solid, well-priced traditional dishes, ABA will have me coming back for more.  Being an incorrigible New Yorker, my only qualm withContinue Reading

Steamed vegetable medley with fennel

  This recipe is incredibly easy.  The fennel, eggplant and tomatoes are light and flavorful; they are the perfect accompaniment to any fish or meat entrée. We have been making this steamed vegetable side for over 15 years, and we love it. Ingredients (Serves 4-6): 5 baby eggplants 5 Italian plum tomatoes 1 Fennel bulbContinue Reading

Low carb lemon bars with frosting

This recipe is the low carb version of the traditional lemon cake.  There are a few recipes out there for this low carb treat but we tried following the one on  We also whipped up some of our own cream frosting.  These lemon bars are very easy to make if you have the 5Continue Reading

good Greek food in Jackson Heights?

I know what you are all thinking, “Greek food in Jackson Heights? Impossible.”  The home of authentic Greek food is Astoria, Queens, after all.  Well, to my surprise, there is in fact a perfectly yummy Greek restaurant that is authentic enough and walkable from the heart of Jackson Heights (37th Ave).  I am talking aboutContinue Reading

Argentine steak at La Portena

I ♥ La Porteña; it’s my favorite steakhouse in Queens, maybe even in all of New York City.  I’ve been to Peter Luger’s and some other great steakhouses around town,  but the amazing selection of meats, the reasonable prices, and the ambiance at La Porteña are unbeatable.  They play 1950s tango music and have wood-paneledContinue Reading